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Daen Tyler
Janice Caswell

I was presented with an existing HTML website and asked if I could turn it into a WordPress theme. Absolutely, was my response. I kept all the features of the HTML website and quickly brought it over into WordPress. Keeping image size, functionality and design elements.

arrow custom WordPress theme

arrow separate navigation for each section

arrow retained previous HTML website design

please see my portfolio for other examples
Janice Caswell

"Thanks Daen, for turning around our website nightmare!"

Securing Your WordPress Website

15 ways to defend against hackers

Because WordPress is freeware, security risks are drastically increased. To improve basic security of your WordPress website and defend against hacking, the following actions should be taken. Protect yourself from the inconvenience or lost sales that result from hacking. Review this list. Take action on these items as needed as quickly as possible. Some are […]

Internet Marketing

What it is & isn’t

Internet Marketing is one of the great buzz words. People are jumping on the band wagon, encouraging others to join in and in general have no idea what internet marketing really is. Recently, I was in a conversation with a business owner. When asked what I do for a living, I responded, I work in […]


What's that?

WordPress began as a blogging system. Now it has become a powerful content management system or CMS. WordPress is only limited by your imagination. Today, more people use WordPress than any other free content management system and most commercial content management systems. “WordPress was born out of a desire for an elegant, well-architectured personal publishing […]